Work history (2003-2012)


Over the last years I have translated numerous documents, but I consider to be an expert in:


My main areas of experience are development, agriculture, cooperation and aid to development, together with human rights and women rights. I have translated plenty of reports, agendas, work plans, guides, leaflets, brochures, background notes, mandates, exploratory meetings and books.   

Some of my final clients are: the United Nations, Global Financial Integrity, CEDEHU, Eurodad, Terre des Hommes, WIDE, SOLIDAR, Concord, ICSF, Halifax Initiative Coalition, Dynamo International, IICD, etc


I have translated contracts, powers of attorney, marriage certificates, legal contracts for agricultural workers and diplomas for both agencies and private clients

European Union

I have translated several documents for the EU and participated in many meetings as an interpreter.  I am very familiar with the terminology of the EU.


International institutions

  • European Union:
    • European Parliament (several meetings of the EPP, private dinners of different political parties, meetings with representatives of national parliaments, etc.), project conferences and internal committees, etc.
    • European Commission (negotiations between the EU and Central America 2009-2011, negotiations between the EU and Mercosur 2010-2012, negotiations EU and the Andean Countries 2009-2011, different committees: commission on social policies and public health, Social Protection Committee Meeting, European Economic and Social Committee, Education, DG Employment, social dialogue on private security, Administrative Commissions, etc.
    • External meetings: Press visits journalists from different countries,  EU election observers
    • Committee of the regions: Presentations and final conferences for several European projects: Iter, European Address conference, Open days, Voices, European Building Conference, CLIQ conference
  • Europêche internal meetings
  • United Nations Nutrition Forums, Annual meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Bodies

Embassies and politicians

  • Personal interpreter for the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, during his visit to the U.K
  • The Robert Schuman Lecture and private lunch with: Felipe González. Personal interpreter for Felipe González during a private lunch with political representatives
  • Embassies: Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Embajada de Ecuador
  • Regional offices: several meetings for the Comunidad Valenciana, Diputación de Cataluña, Fundación Galicia Europa, and the Oficina de la Comunidad de Madrid, Delegación del Gobierno de Canarias, Saxony Liaison Office, etc.

Think tanks and NGOs

  • Lobby, advocacy and internal meetings as well as press conferences and report launches for think tanks and NGOS : IAT, Pour la Solidarité, WIDE, CONCORD Europe, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Dynamo International, Eurodad, Friends of the Earth, ADA, European Coalition for Corporate Justice, etc.

EWCs and other

  • European Works councils and internal meetings of several companies and organisations:  Bayer, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post DHL, GEA Group, Benteler, VALEO, Recticel, Jannsen Pharmaceutica,  ICANN, FEM, UNI, ATOS, UNED, IRU, Smith Medical, Vandevelde Marie-Joe, FEEU, Forges de Zeebrugge, CNV, etc.

Education and qualifications










  • Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España
    Sworn translator for the English and Spanish languages
  • Sprachen Dolmetcher Institut, Munich
    Translating and interpreting German-Spanish. Occasional student 20 hours/week during one academic year
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
    4-year University Degree in Translation and Interpreting
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
    4-year University Degree in English Language, Culture and Civilization
  • Saint Michael’s School, Madrid
    Bilingual school. Primary and secondary education

Additional Education




  • FASK der Johannes Guttenberg Universität Mainz. Intensive course: Interpreting German-Spanish. 86 Hours
  • FASK der Johannes Guttenberg Universität Mainz. Intensive course: translation and interpreting German-Spanish. 112 hours
  • Seminar on Sworn Translation at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Most relevant translations published

  • Global Financial Integrity (2012) México: Flujos financieros ilícitos, desequilibrios macroeconómicos y la Economía Sumergida. Global Financial Integrity, Washington DC.
  • BetterAid (2011) Eficacia del desarrollo en la cooperación para el desarrollo: una perspectiva basada en los derechos. BetterAid, Brussels
  • Eurodad (2010) El coste de las reservas: Los países en desarrollo están pagando el precio de la inestabilidad financiera mundial. Eurodad, Bruxelles
  • Open Forum (2011) Consenso Siem Riep sobre el Marco Internacional para la Eficacia del Desarrollo de las OSC. Open Forum, Brussels
  • De la Cruz, Carmen (2009), Financing for development and women’s rights: a critical review, Wide, Brussels
  • Hayes, Lucy and Pereira, Javier (2008), Cambiando las tornas: ayuda y responsabilidad en el marco de París, Eurodad, Brussels.